Welcome to the fine art collection of Donald G. Vogl, University of Notre Dame Associate Professor Emeritus of Fine Art. Don Vogl is an award-winning, prolific and flexible painter and artist living in Fort Collins, Colorado, who has worked in a variety of genres and media throughout his career, and continues to create inspired original art displayed at local galleries and exhibits.

View a virtual gallery of 849 unique works of art. Most of these, and many others, are available for purchase. To inquire about any items, contact Don Vogl.

  • Acadian Shoreline, Maine
  • East of Bryce Canyon, Utah
  • Wizard Island, Crater Lake, Oregon
  • Lake Powell, Arizona

Current Exhibit

Across America

Fort Collins Senior Center

September 15 - November 14, 2017

40 paintings, mostly landscapes, of America the Beautiful

From 1982 through 2002, I made an annual painting trip of three to four weeks in the summer, to escape the flatlands of Indiana and reach the zen of the mountains, an exploratory adventure to view new landscapes. From the coast of Maine to the coast of California, from Canada to the border of Mexico, each area had its own distinct character. You can refer to me as a fair weather artist; only bad weather could dampen my enthusiasm. In 1982, we made our trip in June, but later decided to travel in August for warmer weather. Paintings in the show are from 12 states in the U.S.

Using different media helped explore artistic expression. Watercolor and oil were used in the beginning years; pastels were used later.

If you are a traveler, you should recognize some of the works. If not, you may be enticed to visit the marvels America has to offer. I hope you enjoy the journey and the exhibition.

Past Exhibits

Featured Works

Landscape Paintings

Rocky Mountains

  • Camp Hale Pond
  • Saxton Mountain
  • Fall Colors
  • Fall Colors
  • Maroon Bells
  • Beaver Meadows
  • Beaver Ponds
  • Dream Lake
  • Loveland Pass
  • Green Pool
  • Beyond Rainbow Curve
  • Aspen
  • Roadside Splendor
  • Pingree View
  • Plein Air

Fort Collins, Colorado Area

  • Needle’s Eye
  • Watson Lake
  • Soderberg Park
  • Pond at Spring Canyon
  • Windy Day Horsetooth
  • Poudre River
  • Reflections
  • Poudre Rocks
  • The Poet
  • Spring Creek Garden

Other Landscape Paintings

  • Sunrise Garden of the Gods
  • Garden of the Gods
  • Ship Rock
  • Casa Grande Ruins
  • Towers at Dusk
  • Citadel
  • Sentinels
  • Three Gossips
  • Sagebrush
  • Oak Creek Canyon
  • Fancy Free
  • Frisco Bay
  • Grazing Springbok
  • Arid Namibia
  • Reflections

Figure Paintings

  • At the Gallery
  • Fun Day
  • Seance
  • Birdland
  • The Dance
  • In the Gallery
  • Faith and Hope
  • Don’t Cast a Heavy Shadow
  • A Bird in the Hand
  • Guardians
  • Sitter
  • Peace Not War
  • Long Distance Runner
  • Two Statues

Abstract Paintings

  • Pinnacle
  • Grounded
  • Signal
  • Anthem Playing
  • Free as a Bird
  • Soaring
  • Tango
  • Sunshine Red
  • Dance Floor
  • Bright Angel
  • Sower
  • Summer Sun
  • Psychedelic Star
  • Tequila Sunshine
  • Gymnopedie
  • Candle Power
  • Fantasy
  • Tipping My Hat


  • Boy Meets Girl
  • Poppy Field
  • Fountain
  • Wild Horses
  • Trio
  • Portraits

    • Lincoln
    • Obama
    • Suffered, Died and Buried
    • Boy with Lamb
    • Reverie

    Still Lifes

    • Iris
    • Sunflowers
    • On the Patio
    • The Heart of the Home
    • Iris