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I taught printmaking at the University of Notre Dame for 26 years: lithography and silkscreen during the year, and woodcut and etching in the summer. I produced many works as examples for students, and have many unfinished works from this period. Different media provide different tools to allow for a variety of expression.

  • Lincoln
  • Obama
  • Mary Beth
  • Mary in High Chair
  • Smile
  • Staying at Home
  • Summer Swing
  • Man, Bird, Angel
  • Maidens of Forest and Mountains
  • Deja Vu
  • On Stage
  • Dialogue
  • On the Edge
  • Cloud Cover
  • Listening Landscape
  • Waukesha Winter
  • Three Graces
  • Plateau
  • Twins
  • Pieta
  • Deposition
  • Another Place
  • Family
  • Figure Reclining